"AT LAST!  I have found the answer for brilliant garden lawn edges":
And it's made in Hertfordshire (UK)!                   

Step 1) Take an untreated area of lawnedge.

Step 2) Cut the lawn edge, using a spade or lawn edging iron, in the shape you require.

Step 3) Simply lay new 'Smartedge®' lawn edging system.

Step 4) The lawn grows through the Smartedge®, holding your new edge, in place to leave an easily maintained, immaculate, lawnedge.

rough to smart edge
Smartedge has a maximum visible 'face' of 4 inches (10cm)

It is important that you read these instructions in full before unrolling andinstalling the product.Please be careful when handling the product.We recommend the use of gloves and protective goggles.
1.  For an established lawn first cut the grass and cut your border shape, try to keep the cuts at right angles to your lawn, digging down to the depth of Smartedge  i.e. 14cm.  To avoid cutting your lawn back too far any gaps/holes on the lawn edge side of Smartedge  can be filled with a mix of peat/sand and grass seed.
2. If your ground is dry or compacted we recommend watering before laying to make the insertion of pins easier. PREPARATION IS ALL IMPORTANT TO MAKE THE LAYING OF SMARTEDGE AS EASY AS POSSIBLE.
3. Unroll your Smartedge. The A-frames are folded against the inside edge. Ease the A-frames away from the inside edge to approximately 45o. DO NOT OVER-BEND AS THIS WILL STOP THE A-FRAMES FROM GRIPPING THE GRASS.
4. Locate Smartedge along the lawn edge, making sure the A-frames are biting onto your lawn.
5. To cut Smartedge use garden shears or scribe with a sharp knife, or secateurs, and then sharply bend away from the cut. To avoid immovable obstacles trim as necessary.
6. Backfill and firm with your foot as you feed along the edge. To join lengths simply overlap and pin.
7. Insert the pins provided through the holes at the end of the A-frames where necessary to secure. The number of pins needed and where to place them will depend on the shape of your border and the surface of your lawn. In normal conditions it should only be necessary to pin every third or fourth A-frame. (Extra pins are available to purchase)
8. For newly sown and turfed lawns we recommend using temporary wood pegs to anchor and hold Smartedge® in place until the grass establishes.
9. If necessary tap along the top of Smartedge with a mallet or length of wood to help imbed the A-frames into your lawn.
10. Before mowing allow grass to grow through the A-frames. Check that none of the A-frames have been pushed up by broadleaf grass or similar. If so simply pin down.

rough to smart edge
Simply lay new
lawn edging system
The lawn grows
through the ‘Smartedge’
An easily maintained, smart lawn edge
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It's easy to install, looks terrific, is economical, and very long lasting, and is strong enough for a mini tractor (once it has settled in).  Smartedge is also ideal for most mowers as the polypropylene will not damage the blades or cutting edge.  
And if you were to fall, or trip, onto the edge it would not be as hard or, perhaps, as damaging as many other types of lawn edge

"For years now, as a professional gardener, I have been searching for an edging material that will look good, is easy to 'fit', is strong, and of course, economical.
In the past I have used timber to edge the lawns and pathways but that only lasts for a limited period before it starts to rot or is kicked out etc. At last I have found the answer - Smartedge!   Smartedge is easy to install, looks brilliant, lasts for years and is strong enough to take our mini tractors and large mowers (after a season or so). Smartedge wont damage the mower blades like metal edging could and if you were unlucky enough to fall on it, the damage to you would be far less than a harder surface such as metal or wood.  It makes trimming the edges so easy and neat." - David Roberts, Head Gardener, Knebworth House, Hertfordshire (1997 - 2008)

This is what one of my recent customers said:
"It is definitely very strong stuff and I was surprised how easy it was to cut by just making a slight score down the front surface (just like you would with a tile but easier).
I would recommend anyone to dig a vertical edge but deeper than the recommended 14 cms. This means that there are no obstructions like stones and you can always fill back every metre or so.
PS: If a 62 year old lady on her own can lay this stuff anyone can do it!!!"

 Smartedge® Prices
You can  order Smartedge® now from my
Online Catalogue

 Smartedge® 5m box: £21.99 + p&p to UK (mainland) address
5m box includes 60 fixing pins

10m roll of Smartedge® for £39.99 + p&p to UK (mainland) address
10m box includes 120 fixing pins

50m length for £139.99 + p&p to UK (mainland) address
 50m box includes 450 fixing pins

Post & Pack:

Postage & Packaging (to UK mainland) prices:
Order up to £49.99 p&p is £5.99
Order from £50 upwards p&p is £9.99

For off-shore UK and non UK please email

Edge your lawn the smart way  -  with Smartedge®

David Roberts t/a Gardeners Cottage. Address: Timber Yard Cottage, The Grove, Chandlers Cross WD3 4TG.  Contact Mob: 07973 912308 E-mail: info@gardenerscottage.com

To find out more information you can email me at Lawnedge

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You can now order Smartedge® from my
 online catalogue
if paying by credit or debit card

Edge your lawn the smart way  -  with Smartedge®


left square edge            right square edge

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